Hey, you!! Welcome to my blog!! Newbie here! So please excuse me whilst I learn – might be worth grabbing a brew now! :p

I can see your curious look – well I’m Katie-Sue 🙂 *waves* – a 22 year old English lass (from up north) , living with my partner, Nathan, and our daughter, Aeryn.
Selfie alert!!!

Whilst on maternity leave, I thought I would start a blog in the hope that it would motivate me have a go at all the crafty things that tickle my fancy, and share it all with you lot, in the hope to motivate further!!

I’m hoping this blog will cover a large array of different subjects – to reflect my random, and oh so many, interests (and to avoid boredom). I love handmade anything, and although my creative streak has yet to blossom, I’m gonna work on that! And I also get a bit of a kick from bagging a bargain and doing something cheaply!!

So for now, I’ll not bore you too much, and let you get on with your day!

Perhaps check out this link for a free printable advent calendar – if you’re a last minute girl like myself!!