Hope you have all had a very good Christmas!!

ImageMerry Christmas!!

Wasn’t going to bother with a tree this year as we visited family for Christmas Day and Boxing Day, but I’m glad we did!! I love how warm my living room feels when the tree is lit up at night.



We got our daughter, Aeryn, a special ‘My First Christmas’ tree stocking – something else I will end up keeping #hoarderalert!!!





For Christmas this year, I thought I would try and do small gifts that were homemade. It turned out to be bought gifts given in homemade wrapping though. The stockings I’ve put up are the finished products. Quite pleased with them, even if they are not as robust as I would have liked – given with the instruction that they are for show!!

ImageThe following is a list of supplies: 2 x stocking shapes cut from hessian; red wool to crochet and stitch; PVA glue; needles to stitch and a crochet hook.

I found the pattern for the crochet christmas trees here – really helpful instructions to follow from The Royal Sisters.

I made the crochet cuff pattern up as I went along, but I’m sure there are similar patterns on Pinterest and Ravelry etc.

I gave the stockings to adults that I bought for this year, and I wrapped the children’s presents up in a way that I think matches.

ImageImageI used the same christmas tree pattern as above, with brown paper, red wool as ribbon, and some cute gift tags that I’ve had in my stash for a while.

I’m quite pleased with how they turned out – I started off trying to save money, which I don’t think I achieved, but all were well received.

I also tried to get a little creative for Aeryn’s first Christmas. We did a ‘Christmas Eve Box’ that had her christmas PJs, A christmas book, her first stocking, and a novelty key for Santa, in.

And Aeryn was left this letter behind from ‘Santa’.

(excuse spelling mistakes in the letter)

ImageImageAgain, this is another keepsake #lovememories.




ImageImage We had a wonderful Christmas, with lots of smiles, mainly from Mummy (me) dressing Aeryn up!! Gotta love it!!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year too!!




Hey, you!! Welcome to my blog!! Newbie here! So please excuse me whilst I learn – might be worth grabbing a brew now! :p

I can see your curious look – well I’m Katie-Sue 🙂 *waves* – a 22 year old English lass (from up north) , living with my partner, Nathan, and our daughter, Aeryn.
Selfie alert!!!

Whilst on maternity leave, I thought I would start a blog in the hope that it would motivate me have a go at all the crafty things that tickle my fancy, and share it all with you lot, in the hope to motivate further!!

I’m hoping this blog will cover a large array of different subjects – to reflect my random, and oh so many, interests (and to avoid boredom). I love handmade anything, and although my creative streak has yet to blossom, I’m gonna work on that! And I also get a bit of a kick from bagging a bargain and doing something cheaply!!

So for now, I’ll not bore you too much, and let you get on with your day!

Perhaps check out this link for a free printable advent calendar – if you’re a last minute girl like myself!!